Organization developments of Future Insight

Future Insight has experienced significant growth in 2021, with developments including:

  • the realisation of our automated building permit approval solution using BIM models for Estonia
  • the signing of an exclusive contract with Heijmans, whereby Heijmans will use Clearly as a solution to manage all its construction projects and its stakeholders
  • the winning of the ‘Gouden zandloper’ award for our innovative BIM Legal solution that supports storing of legal agreements in digital twins
  • our appointment as consultant for the T3D program for Dutch municipalities
  • our selection as a winner for ‘hack the building code’ innovation challenge of New York City with our building permit approval concept

To accommodate this growth, Future Insight is strengthening its organization with a new CEO, a new organization structure and has expanded the team in Sales, Product development, Project management and Office support:

  • Maarten Res has started as CEO on 1 January 2022. Maarten has wide management experience in operations management, strategy development & implementation and digital transformation
  • Bas Hoorn will take the role of CCO and focus on commercial activities and business development. Bas is co-founder of Future Insight and will amongst others be involved in developing strategic partnerships and global projects
  • Rick Klooster will as co-founder continue in the role of CTO and contribute to further development of our product offering and general global business development
  • Eftychia Kalogianni is started today, January 17 as Consultant from 1 February 2022. She will focus on advising customers on BIM and 3D strategies and development of use cases as well as supporting our internal organization in these fields of expertise
  • Robin Nieuwboer will start as Office manager from 1 February 2022. She will be the first line of contact, contribute to streamlining the organization, support in Finance,  IT, project management and marketing and guide the company culture!

Capital funding
Future Insight has attracted external funding to facilitate the growth and further extend the product offering. This also offers possibilities to extend our international network and partner base.

Currently we are actively recruiting for the following positions. Are you or do you know the right persons that would like to join our team, please contact us for the following positions:

For an overview of all vacancies please visit our website.

About Future Insight
Future Insight is a dynamic organization, active in projects in the built environment. Every day our team works on solutions that help our clients achieve the best results in their projects

Our distinctiveness is that, in addition to using open data standards and scalable web-based technologies, we always take the end user as the starting point and work towards the simplest and most optimal solution for meeting his/her requirements. For example, we (1) are developing the smart and supportive online platforms Clearly and VISI, (2) provide solutions for automation of the building permit process, (3) can support legal filing of BIM models and (4) offer knowledge and software for setting up an urban data platform and developing a digital city twin in 3D.

Our customer base includes governments, developers, engineering firms and building companies globally.

In case of any questions feel free to contact us at [email protected]